Pressure Cleaning South Perth
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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Service All Areas South Perth Of The River

With over 22 years of experience in removing even the most stubborn graffiti. We are different because we respond promptly, offer a high service standard, and are reliable every time. 

We have developed highly effective procedures and use a wide range of chemicals that offer superior results, every time. We abide by all relevant OH&S guidelines and maintain insurance policies for the protection of our staff, clients and for the public.

We do our best to remove 100% of graffiti without damage to any surface including brickwork, terrazzo, rendered and painted surfaces and so on. Our qualified team can respond to any area quickly and can have your graffiti off by using the latest techniques and equipment available.

Pressure Force offers graffiti removal services for:

  • Aerosol Paint
  • Permanent Marker Pen
  • Crayon
  • White Out
  • Grease And Grime
  • Chewing gum

Our prompt and responsive specialist graffiti removal services ensure:

  • No Surface Shadows
  • No Surface Damage

Send your job details via SMS message, email or alternatively call direct.

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